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Monday, March 6, 2017

Frank Ocean Receives Some Love From Beyonce With Calvin Harris 'Slide' After His Upset With The Grammy Awards

Beyonce Calvin Harris 'Slide' music video ft. Frank Ocean

There are many who feels like Beyonce didn't get a fair deal at the 2017 Grammy Awards including Adele herself who won Grammys for the categories: Song, Album and Record of the year along with others, but when Solange (Beyonce sister) responded to Frank Ocean's upset Tumblr post which accused the Grammys of being cultural bias, it appears it may have been some negative energy flowing around for Solange do to the fact that her reply in saying what's up to frank soon after, along with the shared link to Frank's post was deleted.

However, we believe that Frank's open opinion didn't go unnoticed. Even though Beyonce didn't respond directly online to Frank's Grammy Post during that month, she recently shared this short music video on her Instagram showing support for Frank Ocean's featured version in Calvin Harris new song 'Slide'.
A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

As always Calvin Harris put's out some amazing music with talented artists in the industry.
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We hope to see some work with Beyonce, Calvin Harris and Frank Ocean soon, This could be "Epic"! 


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