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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Controversy and Execution Of Trey Songz 'Tremaine' - Nobody But You Music Video

Trey Songz Tremaine Album and  Nobody Else But Your Music Video Review
A scene from Trey Songz Nobody Else But You Music Video
What sparked the controversy and how Trey Songz smart advertising execution landed him as one of the most viewed artists on Youtube and other social media sites this month.

From the controversy surrounding his outburst and alleged assault in Detroit, to the confrontation with Keke Palmer being in his artist's music video, Trey Songz has brought some unexpected exposure to his Tremaine album which turned out to help boost sales. 

As if all the news headlines wasn't enough, what sent Trey Songz album sales to skyrocketing numbers was his tricky advertisement of what looked like an upcoming VH1 reality show (as seen above) that aired on his Youtube channel, but turned out to be previews for his music videos featuring songs off 'Tremaine'. 

So far he's presented Nobody Else But You (track 4)  

Playboy (track 5), which can be seen Here on his Youtube channel.

Although Trey Songz fans were looking forward to a reality show, the introduction and planned out series of actions has been well accepted with climbing views for his back-to-back music videos and in sales for Tremaine - an album in which Trey Songz says is much of his reality.

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Nobody Else But You - Trey Songz


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