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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Trey Songz Court Appearance After His Arrest On Alleged Assault Charges In Detroit During Music Concert

Trey Songz Court Appearance After Arrest During Music Concer
Trey Songz was spreading the holiday cheer this month with his new Comin Home song and music video, but during a Live concert in Detroit last night his cheerful spirit was somewhat broken, 

Trey Songz informed the crowd that he was told his mic would be cut off because he was taking too much time. Trey felt disrespected and told the crowd that all he wanted to do was give them the best show that he was capable of giving. Soon after that heartfelt explanation he said "if a nxxxx cut me off , I'm going the fxxx crazy", then he proceeded to sing of the dome "gon do it, cut me off "- which by the way may be his next big hit! Never the less, his mic was cut off and Trey Songz went crazy. He started to destroy the equipment and tare up the stage which led to his arrest.

Trey Songz (Tremaine Neverson) appeared in court today (as seen in video below) for alleged aggravated assault and assault on a police officer. 
Since the key word was "alleged" with no previous record, his bond was set to 25,000.00

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