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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Nicki Minaj Is Confused By Meek Mill's Birthday Cake

Nicki said she asked the bakery for a 4 wheeler to be made out of cake instead she received 
"A 4 wheeler on a top hat".
Nicki Minaj posted to her Instagram this message
"This was his other cake. I asked for a 4 wheeler made out of CAKE!!! (emoji confused face) They gave me a top hat with a tiny 4 wheeler on top of it (emoji laughing faces) I just been lookin @ it for days scratchin my head. I still love them tho (emoji heart and smile faces and laughing face)".

The cake was made at the famous Carlos bakery. The communication between Nicki Minaj and the bakery was a misunderstanding, all in all Nicki is still proud of their work. 

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