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Friday, May 13, 2016

BRE-Z (Freda Gatz) From Empire Interview On Rapping Skills, Sexuality, and Work Flow - Finally A MC Who Can Make You Go "OOh" Like Back In The Day

Bre-Z (Freda Gatz) In Interview For Empire, Rapping Skills and Sexuality
BRE-Z from Empire Waking Up Hip Hop With Her Unique and Focused Rapping Skills

For so long the feeling of true hip hop has been sleep, there hasn't been much since Run DMC, Rakim, KRS-ONE, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Big Pun, Heavy D, JaRule, DMX, Tupac, Biggy and more that you can vibe or ride to, but BRE-Z is now on the scene and she's waking up Hip Hop like a real Rapper MC is suppose to.
BRE-Z was born in Philadelphia, she's been highly recognized for her artistic rap style in the tri-state for years, but it wasn't until she received the role as Freda Gatz on Fox Empire that she was able to expose her flavored Hip Hop rapping skills. She has creative writing control for all her lyrics on the show.

Since many artists nowadays seem to copy each other with the drug displays, especially in their music videos and studio session, BRE-Z let's people know from the start that she's drug-free and doesn't want it around her. She prefers to be in the studio alone with dimmed lights so that she can produce a pure and genuine creative product. 
Her rap style is slightly gangsta, no holds barred, and she has a hard direct sound and approach with a sexy spice. Many question's her sexuality, but her answer to that is, "If you happen to make it to my bedroom you'll understand who I am, other then that, it's not up for discussion". 
It's been a minute since a rapper can lift someone out their seat on a highly known recorded radio station interview and make them go "OOh" as they run away from the mic, but BRE-Z did just that in the SWAY interview below. 
This Sista has what it takes to bring Hip Hop back to its original state with her unique, focused and purity music flow. 



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