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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Can Happen When You Smoke Weed and Drink - Kendrick Lamar's "God Is Gangsta"

Some might say "What is this video about?", well it took a minute to come up with the conclusion that this is what happens when some people smoke "weed" and drink.
It can be even worse for people in their 20s and early 30s because they still have a fluid in the brain that enhances their thoughts, creative flow and energy. For many who are smoking weed and drinking it can cause the mind to overwork in wondering about things continuously, which can lead to wondering about God and how the higher force/spirit works in their lives along with other life situations.
When one constantly worry and overthink it could develop into depression, confusion, and leave them in an uncertain stagnating state of mind.

Kendrick Lamar God Is Gangsta Review
A scene from Kendrick Lamar's "God Is Gangsta" music video
One thing that can surely be determined is that Kendrick didn't intend for everyone to understand this video. Most viewers in their 20s or early 30s and especially those who smokes weed and drink would probably be able to relate to this song.
In Kendrick Lamar's "God Is Gangsta" music video below, it shows the vision of a man who is intoxicated and "high" then starts to hallucinate about what's wrong in his life and goes back and forth between finding God and living a dark partying life.

What is your opinion on this "God Is Gangsta" video? Did the title fit the song? Did you get the concept?.

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