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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some Are Calling Future's "Rich $ex" Music Video Cheap $ex

/Future "Rich $ex" Music Video Cheap Sex Review
A scene from Future's Rich $ex music video now playing on


While Future's Rich $ex music video is already receiving high views since being released on 11/19/2015,  a great amount are not the best responses because of the Explicit taste in which the video was produced.  Most of Future's female fan's are calling his Rich $ex video "Cheap $ex", they wonder if this is what romantic music videos will become, with
a little red champagne, some conversation and then bed. 

While many will not think about how much money "Black China" and Future has which is why it can very well be the reason why it's called "Rich $ex" and the fact that the video is Labeled Explicit, it sure is good that many woman can recognize cheap $ex" when it's not pertaining to a well established, loving, and sentimental relationship. 

"Rich $ex" is off of Future's DS2 Deluxe Album
Now Available on iTunes
DS2 (Deluxe) - Future

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