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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Brandy Calls NYC People Rude After Getting No Love From Singing On The Subway Train

Brandy Called NYC Rude After Getting No Love From Singing On The Subway
Brandy sings on  NYC subway train -  video on

Brandy sings "Home" on NYC subway train and no one responds and most don't even look. After receiving no love or acknowledgement for her singing, she said New York people are rude. 

She even asked them if they liked her performance and no one responded,except a man letting her know that it's not a big deal in NYC for talent to be heard or seen, so she would really need to be "over the top" and engage with the people first. "This is true" in fact; people singing, dancing, or acting on the train can be seen almost everyday, especially those that's on their way to an audition, performance, or just simple practicing. 

Another reason why they didn't respond is because she's singing with her back turned away from them, plus it's many crazy people in big cities so you may want to stay to yourself.

It's New York City baby! Leave your feelings at home.

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