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Saturday, June 27, 2015

T.I. "Project Steps" Music Video Is Stagnating But Reality

T.I. "Project Steps" Music Video Is Stagnating
T.I  new music "Project Steps" now playing on

When we say stagnating for T.I.'s new song "Project Steps", we mean remaining in a place where negative actions repeats because of the surroundings you deal with on a regular day to day basis.

T.I goes back to the projects where a great number of African Americans can relate to.
A place where most were confined to from the beginning of time, because they weren't allowed to work in the same jobs as Caucasians before the late 60's. Even after civil rights became the law, because of the on going racism, most were still unable to get a job and buy land, so the government started projects to confined African Americans until they were able to make it out themselves. By the time most were allowed to embark on the American dream, some made it out of the confined camps (projects) and some couldn't, because of the mental abuse and damage that was done to the brain from racism, which lead to the abuse of drugs, violence, depression, and father or mother-less in the homes.
So now this is where most of the black on black crime arises from, in being surrounded by individuals who feels like the only option out of the projects is to sell drugs or compete against each other through gangs and violence; 'which by the way in all' they are trying to achieve the importance of self-worth, even if knowing this tactic can lead to imprisonment or death and mostly with all, damaged souls.
Without the proper Love, Guidance, Ambition, support of All Races and for those who need it, "mental help" many will remain stagnated in negative and "dark" situations in or out the projects. 
T.I. releases this new song/rap "Project Steps" in memory of his Friend/"Fam"
Project Steps - Single - T.I.

If you would like ideas in building a positive community by organizing jobs, business opportunities, child care, and recreations for areas in need or if you offer services, please email:  so that your business and or community action can be added to this post below.
"One Man Can Change The World"
music by Big Sean

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