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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

T.I. Upcoming Project Hint - How To Peep Game and Observe

T.I. Gives A Hint To His Upcoming Project And How To Peep Game and Observe
T.I.'s shares a hint to his upcoming project "Peep Game and Observe"

From the top of an apartment complex, T.I. shares a hint to his upcoming project.  
T.I. demonstrates how to "Peep Game and Observe" while looking over every movement below.
 He says, 
" In order to peep game to da fullest, one must elevate himself  & observe all moving pieces accordingly, #CheckMateApproaching #ProjectSteps #OnMyTRAPMUZIKTIPshit #HustleGangOverErrthang

One Of T.I.'s recent project "Paperwork" is Available Now!

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