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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Big Sean - Win Some, Lose Some

Big Sean - Win Some, Lose Some - Music Video now playing Big Sean "Win Some , Lose Some" music video single off  his Dark Sky Paridise Album.

Big Sean "Raps the real" of the struggles in the music industry and the sh**t he went through and is encountering to keep his status.  He also shares the selfish and unloyal way of an artist who made it, but forgot about his people who was there with him in the beginning of it all.

Win Some, Lose Some - Dark Sky Paradise (Deluxe)

Some Of The Lyrics That  Stands Out On The Track: 

  • "You was a millionaire, but your n****s is still at home... Damn n**** you did it, but dammit you did it wrong... You got time for that gig, but not time for the phone, got it right with your ends, but fu***d it up with your friends".
  • "N****s want hand outs and I only got two... Now i'm on the phone talking to my mamma, like I only got you".
  • "Lately my family been to happy, I just turned my mother's hoopty into a new Cadi... People thinking i'm rich and I wish they knew that... I been signed for four years and I'm just able to do that".

  • "You win some, you lose some, I heard that my whole life, but that doesn't make it right".

  • "Real life will teach your ass way f******g fast".

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