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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Creative Freestyle Rap

Creative Freestyle Rap Category
Creative Freestyle Rap category On

In the attempts to keep alive the original style of hip hop rap which originated in New York City, along with remembering when rap was clean, creative, and social in unity, '1 Star Cutie' has started the category "Creative Freestyle Rap".
 This category will be posting talented and creative rap artists that poses this original style. The 1 Star Cutie family believes that a talented and gifted rap artist can captivate an audience with creative clean "Floetry" (Poetry), a style of rap that would even grab the attention of your older relatives and friends.

"With age comes wisdom, but when wise from the start, it's a Pure Unrehearsed, None-copied, Ultimate and Genius trait".

Do you know anyone, or do you have the gift yourself to be featured in this category?
If so, follow @1starcutie on Twitter and tweet your video link  plus "Like" and Follow on Facebook at  1 Star Cutie  to have your video shared and acknowledged.

To the Viewers, come be apart in sharing this type of unique talent and keep Hip Hop a gifted skill by posting your opinion, suggestions and or your unique talents.

You All Are 1 Star Cutie's and Works For You! 
Sharing new music by major artists, new artists with talent and creative freestyle rap.

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