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Friday, August 1, 2014

Tiny "What The F@#k You Gon Do?" Music Video

Tiny "What The F@#K you Gon Do" music video
Tiny "What The F@#K You Gon Do" music video and Floyd Mayweather incident  
In the up and down problems T.I. and Tiny has been having in their marriage with supposedly T.I. being unfaithful, Tiny's decided that it was time to let out some of her frustrations on the pen. In this video Tiny is letting T.I. know that if he doesn't "Get his mind right" she will be leaving him. Tiny also shares the fact that another man wants her.
 "Hmmm could it be Floyd Mayweather?" #Justsaying - Read more below..

What the F@#k You Gon Do? - Single - Tameka Tiny Harris

The very day Tameka Tiny Harris released this song "What The F@#k You Gon Do?", her husband T.I. Harris released his response music single "Stay". In this audio T.I. let's his wife know that he still loves her and that he knows he's done wrong, but her reaction to it all pushed him further out there.  In T.I.'s  response to the other man wanting Tiny, he sings "I know he want you, but they want me". Continue...

 In the past there has been some altercation with T.I. and Floyd Mayweather over Tiny. So one can only wonder if this could be the man that's being mentioned. Continue...

And To Top It All Off,  Here Is 50 Cents Response To The Situation. Continue... wishes nothing but love and happiness to them all.

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