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Friday, July 11, 2014

Ja Rule Interview About His Book UnRuly and Beating Up 50 Cent

 During Ja Rule's interview with "The Breakfast Club" he talks about some of the highlights in his book. One of the stories in Ja Rule's book is receiving a lot of attention already, and that's the topic about him supposedly beating up 50 cent earlier in his career. He says his book will tell it all, even some highlighted moments with other Rap/Music Celebrities. Ja Rule says he really didn't want to leave anything out of "Unruly" because it's about his life and even though "UnRuly" is not a tell all book, he assures his fans that the book has a lot of juicy stories from his childhood to his experience in being incarcerated.  
Ja Rule visited The Breakfast Club to introduce his life story book "Unruly", and in his interview he explains some of the major moments.

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