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Friday, June 27, 2014

Isaiah Austin Emotional NBA Draft Pick After Being Diagnosed With Marfan Syndrome

Standing 6 Foot 7" Tall Isaiah Austin was destined to play basketball. Although occurring a serious injury to his right eye and overcoming several surgeries to save his sight; with no success and becoming permanently blind in one eye, Isaiah went on to prefect the sport of basketball.  
Since becoming noticed for his amazing talent in basketball, Austin was chosen as a potential NBA draft pick but after his physical he received heartbreaking news. Isaiah Austin was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome. A syndrome that's found in unusually tall people with long limbs and long, thin fingers. It's a gene that can be passed down from either parent.  According to sources Marfan syndrome can affect the lungs, eyes, bones and heart valves; for this reason Isaiah will not be able to play professional basketball. In learning this upsetting news the NBA wanted to fulfill his dreams of hearing his named called amongst the crowd as a 2014 NBA draft pick, so they honored Austin in an honorary ceremonial pick.
Many Blessing to this brave and strong young man who is determined to move forward to more success. Our hearts are with him every step of the way!
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